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Catherine Eberle Devaux, Cartier Roadster Replica heritage director, speaks to Revolution about Cartier Roadster Replica spirit, and the role the Carrera played in inspiring the brand's historic motor racing collections.

Cartier Roadster Replica was the name of its founding family before it became "Cartier Roadster Replica". In the first half century, the company was known for its dashboard timers and stopwatches. Models such as the Mikrograph, an original dashboard timer, and the Autavia stopwatch were released. In the 1970s, Jack Cartier Roadster Replica, the great-grandson and CEO of the company, Edouard Cartier Roadster Replica, teamed up with some of the most prominent names in automobile racing. The successful combination of motorsports and timekeeping has been a success for the watchmaking company since then.Cartier Roadster Replica The 1963 Carrera was the catalyst for this success, as it set the standard for beautifully designed chronographs with clean dials and registers that were readable in black or white.

Catherine Eberle Devaux, Cartier Roadster Replica's heritage director, shares her thoughts on the significance of Cartier Roadster Replica's heritage, and how the Carrera's preservation has influenced Cartier Roadster Replica's racing DNA to this day.

Catherine Eberle Devaux, Director of Cartier Roadster Replica Heritage

What drew your attention to Cartier Roadster Replica, and what sparked your interest in vintage watches?

My journey began with Cartier Roadster Replica. To get to know Cartier Roadster Replica from the beginning, it was best to go through the archives. The brand has a rich history, particularly one that's rooted in motor racing. The timepieces were not enough, I immersed myself in the archived and museum stock. I was particularly interested in the stories behind the Carrera watches, as they set the standard for racing DNA that would be used by subsequent watches.

The best way to understand the movements was by visiting the manufacturer. In my discussions with the watchmakers I learned about the complications and I was able to see them in action from what I read in the archives.

Since the launch of the Carrera and Ferrari's involvement in the 1970s,rolex replica watches the Cartier Roadster Replica name is synonymous with racing. How has racing influenced the collection over the years?

Jack Cartier Roadster Replica, who led the brand in its prime years, ensured that the Carrera watches retained their tone. He was a motor racing enthusiast. Jack Cartier Roadster Replica owned one of the first cars in Switzerland. He created the iconic vintage models that we know and love today, including the Monaco, Monza Autavia Silverstone, Silverstone, Monaco, and the Carrera.

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