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Ever since Cristy was four, her voice astounded those who would hear her sing. Her father, a Cuban architect, would whistle or sing to her his favorite Replica Balenciaga Bags Fendi Replica Handbags songs from their beloved Cuba, as well as Broadway hits and she would sing them back to him with amazing fidelity. Her aunt Enma would entone her favorite "arias" with her magnificent mezzo soprano voice. In this informal, loving home setting Cristy began her music education.

When Cristy was exiled from Cuba with her family in 1960 they lived in Connecticut for a couple of years and Replica Bottega Veneta Handbags her sister Celia,tag heuer replica who is now a well known singer in Puerto Rico, would make her stand on a chair and teach her how to sing in harmony the songs Celia would learn in her school choir.

The family moved to Puerto Rico where she began to stand out as the Replica Balenciaga Bags soloist of her school choir in Academia San Jose of Villa Caparra. Soon Cristy started singing for weddings, TV and radio commercials and appeared on local television with Chucho Avellanet and other artists from the Island.

She obtained the leading role in the Broadway musical "My Fair Lady" and "Camelot" where she met her husband Miguel Arias,each performing the roles of "Guenevere" and Dior Replica Handbags "Lancelot". They fell in love and married a year later. They have three sons.

In 1982 the young family moves to Miami where Cristy continues to persue her musical career and records her first album sponsored by "Ministerio Verbo y Vida".

She has since recorded 8 albums including one for children produced by "Florida Center for Peace".

The singer is a guest in many musical events and often gives her own concerts locally and abroad. She has toured around the U.S., Puerto Rico, Panama, Mexico and YSL Replica Handbags Honduras. She has appeared on Christian TV through "EWTN" and "TBN".

In 1997 Cristy received the "Otto" award given by the "Acrim", a local organization that awards national and international talents.

Her husband, a fine artist and her manager, accompanies her in her tours. At times they sing together as a duo .

In October of 1999 the couple's life was dramatically changed in an instant. Miguel suffered an accident while exercizing, that left him paralized from the chest down. Miguel is in a wheel chair and although the family has gone through many hardships, with the grace of God they are a living testimony of a life driven by love.

Together Miguel and Cristy continue on their journey of faith seeing with new eyes the beauty of life around them.

Cristy presently hosts two radio programs: swiss panerai replica "Milagro De Amor" that airs through Radio Paz 830AM and "Al Ritmo De Jesus" through Radio Catolica Mundial, EWTN.

Considered as one of the favorite singers of contemporary Christian music, Cristy touches hearts with her voice and her life, bringing the message of God's love through her unique gift.

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