longines replica watches's Fiftysix Collection of Timepieces

Christian Selmoni, Vacheron's Heritage & Style Director, says, "We are very customer-centric and in this digital age we are becoming more connected with our customers." We have noticed a demand for a casual longines replica watches watch that is less sporty than the Overseas. The initial goal was to create a new segment that would fill the gap between sport and classic. Although we knew that something was possible, the ultimate goal was to create something new.

"We didn't want to just adapt what we had, it couldn't be too obvious.rolex day date replica We had to incorporate the longines replica watches values and qualities of classic watchmaking, fine finishing and beautiful design. It was a challenge to find a balance between them. While our core values remain the same, it's not something completely different. We don't want anything to disrupt or create a new concept. The resulting collection is a complement to our existing line-up.

Steel was chosen to complement the pink-gold watches.cartier replica watches This is in response to the collection’s raison d’etre: to be an everyday longines replica watches watch, one that can be worn all day long and well into the evening. This isn't the first time Vacheron uses steel in a dress-style case for a watch. Several versions of the Quai de L'Ile and the Historiques Triple Calendar 42 were made in steel. It's clear that steel was not an expense-cutting measure, but was essential to the foundations.

Selmoni also wants to disprove another myth: that Fiftysix was created to seduce Generation Z. He says, "I believe it will appeal to younger buyers but that wasn't the reason for its existence." longines replica watches might be considered a brand for older men in the West, maybe those in their 50s. He says that the average age in the world is 40, and that many young people buy our watches. Instead, he suggests that the spirit of the collection is to be unique and distinct with a "gentleman’s club" feel.

He says, "It will attract new clients, no doubt younger ones, because of its retro-contemporary design, which we know young adults are interested in." We didn't create a line that was targeted at millennials.bell & ross replica watches It was more about promoting the longines replica watches brand and introducing a segment that many luxury brands are currently working in: the elegant casual watch. It is about adapting to the needs of our clients. We are, for example, promoting Fiftysix via Instagram because all of our customers use digital platforms.

Rewriting History

Vacheron, like any brand with a long history has its own hook to hang its products.longines replica watches While some companies are known for their connections to fashion, diving, and aviation, others are primarily technical or loved for using rare crafts or gemstones. longines replica watches's "thing", is its dedication to the craftsmanship and traditions of its past. This was a significant challenge when developing the Fiftysix collection, which is very present-oriented.

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